Our Firm

Kosmat is a full-service Oil & Gas consulting firm. We provide petroleum engineering, engineering operations supervision, and on-site supervision for drilling, completion, and frac operations. KOSMAT’s engineers and wellsite supervisors have a proven track record of creating value for our clients. Thru our broad experience base and network of contractors, we can source the right people, with first-hand expertise, for your specific project. Our supervisors and engineers have the experience, training, knowledge and leadership to safely and efficiently manage our clients’ operations..

Adding Value, Delivering Results

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we focus on delivering results. With top-tier engineering management and experienced field personnel, we provide project management and/or well site supervision for your drilling and completion needs. Whether you need experts in horizontal drilling, multi-stage fracture completions, comprehensive resource play development, or anything in between, KOSMAT can perform for you. Our engineers all have extensive experience “on the other side of the desk” as Operators, so we know exactly what it takes to make a job successful.

Speculative Risk Handling

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The decisions of oil and gas production companies are always critical—with little margin for speculative risk. Exploration prospects, field development, rehabilitation, and enhanced recovery all involve substantial investment and require a detailed understanding of both the static geologic conditions and the dynamic reservoir conditions. INTERA Petroleum’s diversity of disciplines helps oil and gas clients meet and exceed production goals while maintaining resource sustainability. We provide a full range of reservoir engineering and petroleum geology consulting services from single well evaluations to full-scale reservoir simulation and production forecasting for development planning and economic evaluations.